K10CG1/K12CG1/K14CG1/K16CG1/K17CG1/ K19CG1/K21CG1/K23CG1


  • Single Phase
  • Long-life induction motor with thermo cut-off
  • Highly efficient Sirocco fan employed for powerful airflow
  • Outlet direction is adjustable to vertical or horizontal position
  • Compact size
  •  Two speed selectable (K10CG1, K12CG1, K14CG1)


Note: In above table, the values are tested 230V for Single-phase Models, and 380V for Three-phase Models
1. Power consumption is expressed as open value.
2. Air volume is measured using the Chamber method (JIS B 8330 or JIS C 9603) at 0 Pa static pressure.
3. Noise Suction side – Noise at 1.5m at suction side, Casting side – Noise at 1.5m on the side of a machine body, Discharge side – Noise at 1.5m orthogonally at discharge side.
Use condition:
1. Power consumption is expressed as open value.
Don’t use it for ventilation at a site generating heat, oily smoke and/or moisture. (Environmental condition : -10 deg C~+40 deg C, relative humidity below 85%)
Install a door 600x600mm or more for maintenance purpose.
Install a leak breaker or a motor breaker on the source site. A control panel such as a contact switch relay is required for three phase power source.
In cold air supply to indoor during winter and at any other occasion susceptible to dew drop, heat insulation is required.
It is recommended to use a commercially available filter at the suction side to avoid dust and/or waste attachment on a blade.
Install it on a horizontal direction.
Do not perform parallel operation of more than one unit on a switch, for it may result in motor failure.