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EGLO Lighting Abu Dubai

At Electra Dubai, UAE we are authorized dealer of EGLO, the finest quality interior lighting and outdoor lighting product. Here you can explore the exclusive collection of EGLO product at best price and quality service guarantee. Buy EGLO Lighting fixtures, lamps and more from UAE top rated home and office lighting fixtures solution provider as we are one of the best EGLO lighting Abu Dhabi.

About EGLO

Contemporary design, coupled with high functionality, at affordable prices this has always been and will always be our guiding principle. EGLO create cutting-edge items that are specifically crafted to meet the needs of our clients. EGLO current focus is on smart lighting, which aims to network light sources digitally and make them more user-friendly to regulate. We will continue to export modern lighting solutions from the Austrian Tyrol to the entire world, no matter what the future of lighting holds.

EGLO Interior Lights – Electra Dubai

An ideal light for every space. Use a combination of soft colours, exquisite furniture, and the most up-to-date lighting technology to highlight the uniqueness of your area. You want to create a relaxed mood in one room while working in another because every place is distinct. Find your personal style by exploring our huge collection of lighting items.


Equipped for the future – Smart Home Lighting

Utilize cutting-edge lighting and smart home technology to enter the twenty-first century. Numerous improvements have been made to LED technology, such as new production techniques and the practical integration of interior lighting in your new smart home.
Learn about our LED lighting technology and bring your house up to date. EGLO Connect has more than simply a color-changing feature; it also has other features.

Grouping: Assign interior lighting to various rooms in your house by creating groups.
You can choose from more than 16 million different colours and 50,000 different hues of white in our lighting products.

Color changes: There are many different colour changes available for LED mood lighting.
A collection of scenes from which to choose, including a volcano, snow, the sun, and many others. To generate colourful indoor illumination, use a variety of luminaires.
Disco function: Music can be used to rhythmically modify the brightness and colour of the screen.


Our Unique EGLO Lightings


Set a timer to automatically switch on and off the lights. With a timer and on/off switches, the nightlight. You may adjust the colour and brightness as well as use the timer feature using the EGLO Connect App and get your disire accordingly from EGLO lighting Abu Dhabi. With the help of this feature, you may imitate dusk with an EGLO lighting Abu Dhabi and Connect light of your choice. Instead of being abruptly awoken by an alarm clock, the light gradually gets brighter until it reaches its maximum brightness, allowing you to be pleasantly awakened by your home illumination.


Buy Best EGLO Lighting Abu Dhabi From ElectraDubai.


Simulator of presence for protection and peace of mind, setting up a timetable for your home’s lighting to turn on and off while you are gone. The switch-on or switch-off times within a certain time range are chosen by this smart home technology.
Program: You can set up settings for each day of the week with this lighting function to turn your EGLO abu dhabi and get the goods on and off automatically.
Presets: You can bookmark your favourite lighting colours here.